Electronic Technology

We are a technology-based company

Masermic is a technology-based company located in Mendaro (Spain), operating since 2006 and specialized in engineering and manufacturing of electronic hardware and software systems with high quality standards.

Brief History

In the early days of its activity, Masermic developed electronic products for the industrial automation and robotics sector, later evolving towards the development and application of electronic modules for vehicles, currently having relevant international experiences.

In parallel, it created an engineering unit for electronic products for applications in renewable energies, having undertaken the engineering, production and commissioning of electronic, electrical and software systems for various CSP solar fields.

R&D activities are part of the core strategy of the company, focused on the design and manufacturing of products and technologies that enhance Masermic’s competitiveness in international markets. Such activities are carried out in collaboration with renowned Technological Centers.

Smart Green Cities

The objective of the SMART GREEN CITY is to promote investment in technologies and applications such as: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy, Health and Wellness, Water Quality and Air Quality – all high interest topics on society’s current agenda.

Masermic’s business strategy focuses on the design and manufacturing of advanced technologies, products and applications within the framework of SMART GREEN CITY, mainly for areas of activity such as Mobility and Energy.

Masermic, framed within Smart Green Cities, designs and manufactures electronic hardware and software systems mainly for the sectors:


Masermic has modern facilities and production means, adapted to the most demanding production standards in electronics.

  • Automatic assembly line

  • Testing tools

  • Quality control

Additionally, it has a highly qualified engineering department with state-of-the-art development tools in control and communications for the 2 areas of activity.