The Quality Policy of MASERMIC is based on the commitment to Total Quality assumed by the Company’s Management, to ensure the quality required by our stakeholders and serve as a basis for Continuous Improvement in our Engineering and Industrialization activities of electrical and electronic products for the MOBILITY, and ENERGY, sectors.

MASERMIC’s Quality Policy is based on the following principles, committed and driven by Senior Management:


Leadership in promoting the active and responsible involvement of all staff, adequately training and raising awareness for continuous improvement and diligence in corrective actions, while encouraging sharing of information to enhance the quality level of our activities.

Customer Satisfaction

Meeting the needs of customers by offering highly specialized attention tailored to the technological advancement of our products, creating a two-way collaboration and satisfaction bond.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement must positively impact our stakeholders. The process management developed ensures proactive search for improvement opportunities, based on early detection of deviations, with subsequent implementation of Action Plans and high and constant levels of quality. All of this is summarized in:

  • Speed and flexibility in responding to the customer

  • Efficient processes

  • Permanent control to ensure a quick response in case adverse effects of any of the marketed products are detected

Personal Development

The human team of MASERMIC is essential, and their personal satisfaction is a factor of great relevance that must be considered as a way to satisfy the customer. Their commitment is vital to achieving the set objectives, and therefore, motivation is fostered through continuous training and a development plan that results in professional and reliable service.

Since November 28, 2017, MASERMIC adheres to the ‘Luxembourg Declaration,’ committing to integrating the basic principles of Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) into the health management of its workers.


Establishing communication levels, as well as its content or scope. It is a fundamental tool for obtaining staff involvement and maintaining their motivation.

Senior Management energizes and promotes the necessary means for the development of this Quality Policy, as well as reviewing it annually and adapting it to possible changes in the organization’s context.

They sign this policy and undertake to maintain and make its content accessible to the general public.