Design – Manufacturing – Innovation

Advanced Electronic Systems

We have modern and advanced resources for both product development and quality manufacturing, with a highly qualified engineering department and state-of-the-art development tools in communications and embedded systems for the 2 business areas. In these same facilities, there is production capacity to optimize developments in their industrialization phase.

Innovation is a strategic tool for MASERMIC, aiming to generate value for its customers by providing solutions that contribute efficiently, sustainably, and safely to progress. This is why we promote innovation constantly and systematically, through over 30 innovation projects, establishing a culture that stimulates creativity and the transformation of ideas into new products.


MASERMIC is a technology-based company whose R&D activity plays a significant role in the company’s strategy as a lever for competitive and sustainable development of its activities in the international context.


We manufacture high-value-added electronic and mechatronic products using advanced manufacturing techniques, with a strong commitment to quality. We have modern facilities and advanced tools for the production of electronic and mechatronic products.