Testing and Simulation

Electronic Engineering

Design Capabilities

Electronic Engineering from conceptual design to prototype, offering state-of-the-art products to our customers.

We offer our clients a trustworthy technical collaboration to develop electronic products and systems.

R&D and Innovation is a core competence in Masermic’s business policy, based on a defined set of tools and innovative capabilities structured to deliver efficient results.

Design for Excellence

  • Design for Manufacturing: Product engineering aimed at facilitating the manufacturing process and reducing manufacturing and quality-related costs.

  • Design for Production: Evaluation of the manufacturing system’s performance to avoid issues and improve efficiency.
  • Design for Costs: Analysis and evaluation of the product’s life cycle cost (LCC).

  • Design for Testing: Incorporation of testability features into the design of a hardware product.

  • Design for the Environment: Reducing the overall impact on human health and the environment of a product, process, or service, with impacts considered throughout its life cycle.

Electronic Control

Power Electronics