Intelligent Transport Technologies

Cutting-edge electronic systems for mobility applications from concept to mass production, in close collaboration with market needs and climate commitment strategies. Smart Mobility electronic technology for changing times: Control, Power, Communications, Comfort, and Entertainment.

We drive research and development results to the most advanced mobility applications.

Electronic engineering for Masermic’s standard products as well as customer solutions based on specific requirements.

Wide range of software solutions for control and power electronics.


Experienced engineering team, as well as advanced hardware and software tools.


Comprehensive electronic manufacturing from Process Engineering to Maintenance.


Electronic systems developed under automotive standards. Regulations.


Hardware and Software maintenance services. Product innovation.

Electric, Autonomous, and Connected Mobility Applications

Transportation in times of change, ensuring operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety, and information traceability.

A new relationship between people, cities, and vehicles.

Electric vehicles based on the most advanced technologies for sustainable, innovative, and safe mobility of people and goods in cities. Energy and communication infrastructures for electric vehicles.

Control and Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles.

Control Electronics for Automotive and Railway.


Below are some demonstration videos of our work.

smart green city